Connect with today’s digitally native patient

Increase your consultations by improving the position of your clinic

Your Patients are changing, ¿are you?

Today, every patient is also a seasoned digital consumer, and with this change new challenges arise. How to talk to the patient today? How to position yourself against other clinics and generate new opportunities beyond insurers? How to articulate your values and services in the best possible way?


Pacientes que buscan soluciones
médicas a través de Internet


Pacientes resuelven sus problemas médicos de manera online


Pacientes esperan asistir al médico en menos de dos semanas


Pacientes que eligen clínica o doctor desde casa

Patients looking for medical solutions on the Internet

Solve their medical problems online

They expect to visit the doctor within 2 weeks

Patients who choose clinic or doctor from home


Discover the potential of using a platform for doctors in continuous development, which grows as your clinic does, incorporating new
improvements inspired by your needs. Discover the potential of joining a network of doctors where new things are emerging.

Make yourself visible
to the digital patient

Your new patients will simply knock on your door

Look no further for magic formulas to attract patients, and leave everything in our hands. Simply choose, every month, which medical consultation requests you want to respond to.

Get more
with less

Save time and effort with a tool that goes beyond recruitment and allows you to improve the competitive position of your clinic.

Don’t let your patients
turn their back on you

A good patient qualification minimizes the risk of medical appointment absenteeism. At VidasPrime, we will not only share first and last name, but the full medical need for a well-rounded patient, willing to receive medical treatment.

Easy for you
nimble for your team

With VidasPrime you can refer patients to other doctors within your clinic, but also share and receive collaboration requests from other doctors outside your
organization. You can also keep medical reports in one place, always with complete confidentiality.

Open your eyes
anticipate to others

Start listening, to your patients but also to your competitors. With our platform, you will better understand what is happening around you, how other clinics in your environment act and where your differential value can be compared to them.

Hello doctor

Promoting direct channel between doctor and patient

Your clinic joins our medical network

Complete your professional profile. In less than 24 hours our team will verify the information, and you will become part of our network of doctors.

Plug & Play, no installation or configuration

You can segment leads, identify those with the highest potential

Patients make their medical requests through your website. Through an automatic qualification process, we tell you which patients may interest you the most and then you choose which ones you want to attend to.

Subscription based model tailored to your needs

Algorithmic-based lead curation process

Offer your patients a personalized web browsing experience

Not all patients entering your website are looking for the same thing, or share concerns. Customize a personalized experience for each one and maximize your direct channel conversion rates.

Every patient visiting your website will find what it needs.

Do we stop there?

No way, VidasPrime can help you with bettering brand awareness and strategy. We harness a seamless system of activable modules so that you can personalize our platform to your needs.

VP modules

Connect with other Doctors and share medical information

Compare your strategy and performance with that of other clinics

Know what your patients think of your practice and improve your performance

The best clinics and doctors already trust VidasPrime

At VidasPrime we have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector, which gives us the experience of more than 30 years listening to and helping patients and doctors.