Spain, the most efficient healthcare system in Europe

The Spanish health system is considered to be one of the best in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) places it in seventh position in the world health ranking. And according to a study carried out by Bloomberg in 2018, the Spanish health system is the most efficient in Europe.



Spain has the 7th best health system in the world, according to the World Health Organization.



Spain has the most efficient healthcare system in Europe, according to a study by Bloomberg.

Why is healthcare in Spain the best
system in Europe?

  • Specialised, quality medical training

The medical training and specialisation of Spanish health care professionals has a very high average duration, between 10 and 11 years, and is valued positively throughout Europe for its high quality.

  • Fast response, no waiting

Private healthcare in Spain has a high response speed, both in terms of scheduling diagnostic tests and surgery, and in waiting times between diagnosis and the start of treatment for the most serious illnesses.

  • Clinics with international certification

In Spain, we have more than 20 clinics accredited by the Joint International Commission (JCI), a US organisation that is a world leader in international healthcare quality certification. In addition, all the clinics incorporated into our medical network are multilingual clinics, used to receiving international patients from different cultures.

The Spanish Healthcare System is more accessible than you think


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In Spain you will feel at home

  • Quality tourism

The sun and the great weather, the multiple options of coast and the enormous cultural and historical heritage place us as one of the most attractive tourist destinations worldwide.

  • Mediterranean diet and health

Spain is one of the healthiest countries in the world and one of the best valued for the standard of our gastronomy.

  • First class accommodation

The foreign tourist is struck by the excellent quality of the Spanish hotel sector. It stands out above all for its value for money and the diversity available.

VidasPrime will be by your side at all times

  • The best medical network in Spain

We have the most prestigious doctors and the most advanced clinics, in the biggest cities throughout the country.

  • Personalized treatments

We don’t limit ourselves to one medical option. We select the most suitable clinic and doctors, to offer unique treatment plans, tailored to each person.

  • Priority access without waiting

Thanks to our agreements with the best clinics, you will benefit from preferential conditions and priority access, without long waits.

  • Person-to-person assistance

One of our Health Managers will be responsible for your case and will accompany you throughout the entire treatment process, talking to you in your language. Your Health Manager will always be available, at your side, to answer any questions.

  • Advanced, but affordable medicine

Our experience in the field of international health allows us to have the best rates, improving even the terms offered by the clinics themselves, and always offering closed prices, without surprises.

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