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Dr. Richard Fakin

Plastic Surgery, Transgender Unit

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Dr. Richard Fakins is a plastic surgeon specialised in gender reassignment surgery. Founder of Ocean Clínica Madrid and Zurich. Specialised in the Thai Technique of gender reassignment surgery. Dr. Richard Fakin has performed over 8,000 procedures, and is also specialised in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Fakin uses less and less invasive and more
personalized methods in his interventions,
using the combination of several avant-
garde, innovative and well-proven techniques.

Professional Experience

2018 – Present

Founder and medical director

Ocean Clinic Madrid and Ocean Clinic Zurich

2018 – Present

Associate university professor

UniversitätsSpital Zürich

2010 – Present

Specialist in Plastic Surgery of the hands

Zurich University Hospital

Academic Background


Bachelor of Medicine

University of Vienna


Doctorate in Medicine

University of Florence


Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Bern University Hospital


Specialisation in gender reassignment

Preecha Institute of Aesthetics (PAI) and King Chulalongkorn University Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Richard Fakin, Knowledge and

Face lift


Sex change surgery

Face feminization

Breast augmentation

Awards and Accreditations


Participation in the Institute of Aesthetics Preecha (PAI)


King Chulalongkorn University Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand


Regular speaker at congresses and
conferences of his specialty

International conferences

Author of numerous scientific
publications and numerous
contributions to books

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